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Invest Rigorously

Strategic Investment Management

For the Future-Focused

Learn About Our Investment Services

Investment Management

In collaboration with you, we will:

  • Design and Manage Your Investment Portfolios

  • Provide Ongoing and Dynamic Monitoring

  • Communicate Frequently & Candidly

Here’s How:

Together, we will assess your risk profile and design an investment strategy to help you reach your goals. We then construct your portfolios, taking into consideration any special circumstances (such as tax-free investing or stock option/concentrated positions). We dynamically monitor correlations and volatility, prioritizing diversification and downside protection for strong, stable returns.

Interested in Integrating Your Personal Values & Your Portfolio?

Consider Layering in Any of Our In-House Impact Portfolio Options:






(Biblically aligned)


(America’s future - the kids)


(Women in leadership)



Interested in Our Investment Management Services?

Investment Review

When Community Boards Won’t Cut It

It’s Time to Get an Expert in Your Corner

If you want to DIY your investments, we will review your portfolio either as a one-off or periodically. We assess your risk profile, analyze your portfolio, and test for tolerance, capacity and goal achievement. For ongoing reviews, we add an economic perspective and consider potential impact from life changes.

Interested in Our Investment Review Services?

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We like flexibility. We know you have preferences. That’s why we work with several leading financial companies to serve as custodian, safeguarding your assets.

  • Schwab
  • TDAmeritrade
  • Fidelity

Investment Performance Portal

Capitect provides powerful portfolio management and performance reporting with dynamic, up-to-date data and charts. The easy access enables you to stay informed about your investments with views of individual and aggregate portfolios.

Document Storage Vault

NetDocuments stores your important documents in a private vault. No matter where you are, you can access this secure shared space whenever you need.

Financial Planning Portal

RightCapital is your financial plan in action. As the financial control portal, you can check account balances, budgets, loans, goals and more, all in a single glance. It enables you to see how one piece of your financial life affects the rest.

Advisors to Us

We firmly believe that outside advisors create value. It’s what we do for you. It’s what these leaders do for us.

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