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Our Services

Design the future you want.

Enjoy the richness of life.

Clarity Confidence Peace of Mind

Everything you need.

We organize your financial life and manage your wealth strategy.

Discover the powerful suite of services designed to maximize your wealth to enjoy a rich life and secure financial independence.

Integrative Planning System

Maximize your wealth. Enjoy a rich life.

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Investment Management

Secure financial independence.

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Business Advisory

Propel forward. Prepare thoughtfully.

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Comprehensive Financial Advisory Features:


Fee-only, fiduciary advisor


Cash flow and Debt management


Insurance evaluation and selection


Employee benefits and retirement optimization


Estate planning and coordination


[KEYS] Monthly financial evaluations


Financial coaching and tips


Net worth monitor


Investment rigor and attention


Service professionals collaboration

As your Dedicated Partner, we help you:


Plan Strategically

Planning strategically for your future is a collaborative process that takes into account financial and lifestyle variables.


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We help you answer questions, solve challenges, take advantage of opportunities and most importantly, live a life you enjoy.

Invest Rigorously

Investing rigorously requires vigilant attention to correlations and volatilities under different market conditions.


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Diversification requires a rigorous ‘check under the hood’ as most investors are far less diversified than they think. Micro-inefficiencies present opportunities for those who pay attention.

Grow Your Business

Whether you are just starting, expanding or planning an exit, driving value helps you get the most out of all your hard work.


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As in your personal financial life, our business advisory streamlines your processes and allows you to focus on the key drivers, while reducing the stresses of being the boss.

What do our Financial Advisory Services cost?

Our fee assumes your investable assets will be managed by Beckett Collective. Learn Why.

We take a comprehensive approach to helping you build wealth through integrative financial planning and investment management services. Because you may not have investment assets to manage, we do not require a minimum investment balance. Our pricing allows you to pay a monthly fee. Even so, we still calculate our fees as a percent of investable assets. As the investment assets that we manage increase, the monthly fee is reduced. Eventually, the investment fee is enough to cover our services.  

Early Career

For graduates and early-career professionals

Investment fee +
 $0-195 / Month

+$495 for initial strategy*

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Experienced Professional

For established professionals

 $0-495 / MONTH

+$1,995 for initial strategy*

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Executive / Owner

For executives and business owners

 $0-795 / MONTH

+$2,995 for initial strategy*

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*Initial strategy includes building a dashboard, preparing your personal net worth statement, gathering information from your other service professionals, making upfront diagnosis, and delivering formalized plan.
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We like flexibility. We know you have preferences. That’s why we work with several leading financial companies to serve as custodian, safeguarding your assets.

  • Schwab
  • TDAmeritrade
  • Fidelity

Investment Performance Portal

Capitect provides powerful portfolio management and performance reporting with dynamic, up-to-date data and charts. The easy access enables you to stay informed about your investments with views of individual and aggregate portfolios.

Document Storage Vault

NetDocuments stores your important documents in a private vault. No matter where you are, you can access this secure shared space whenever you need.

Financial Planning Portal

RightCapital is your financial plan in action. As the financial control portal, you can check account balances, budgets, loans, goals and more, all in a single glance. It enables you to see how one piece of your financial life affects the rest.

Advisors to Us

We firmly believe that outside advisors create value. It’s what we do for you. It’s what these leaders do for us.

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